I am a 39 year old Advanced Personal Trainer in Brighton and Hove. I am also a qualified Nutritional Advisor and Sports Therapist. In addition, I hold a Master of Science M.Sc. degree from the University of Sussex.

My 18 years experience of personal training in Brighton and Hove and qualifications to masters degree level sets me apart from other local personal trainers. Most importantly, my interpersonal skills will ensure that I keep you motivated throughout the process. l will make you feel fitter and more confident.

I regularly engage in Continual Professional Development (CPD) to keep my knowledge and skills up to date. As such, I am also fully certified and insured.

I am certified on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) and abide by their ethics and principles. You can read all about REPS instructors and confirm my credentials by entering my name on this page:

I am also a member of The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA). As a result, I retain my professional status and meet the high standards of training and expertise set by the industry. This is very important when searching for a local fitness trainer.

Personal Trainer Brighton Hove
Anthony Bevington M.Sc. Dip PT/SMT, NASM CPT
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What does a Free Consultation involve?

Your no obligation consultation is an opportunity to get to know you a little better. To check mutual rapport to make sure we are right for each other. As an experienced personal trainer in Brighton and Hove, I know that this can be a daunting process. Especially if its your first taste of personal training in Brighton. I will not judge you on your current fitness levels.

The 45 minute PT taster session will include:

  • Discussion of your exercise history, likes, dislikes and any previous injuries
  • Quick body composition scan to understand your current strengths and weaknesses
  • Lifestyle and dietary analysis, including stress and sleep
  • Specific goal setting, both short, medium and long term
  • Movement assessment to screen for postural imbalances and any areas of weakness
  • Short workout based on your initial assessments

As part of your free trial with the personal trainer of Brighton and Hove, I will provide you with some key information about yourself. This can then be used as a benchmark to direct your future training and nutrition efforts.

My non-intrusive body composition scanner uses bioelectrical impedance analysis. This involves sending a resistance through the body to quickly and accurately check a number of variables. This includes water hydration, fluid retention, metabolism, segmental muscle weight, segmental body fat and visceral fat. The 5 segments of the body being the core abdominal area and each arm and leg.

I will send these results to you in an Excel spreadsheet via email after your trial session.


Why complete a body scan?

If active water levels are low this is a sign of acidity, for example. As a result, your body will be retaining excess water, which will directly affect your bodies ability to burn fat. The majority of water retention will accumulate around the core abdominal area making it difficult to achieve a flat stomach. The results of this analysis can then be used to create a bespoke nutritional plan. Therefore ensuring correct amounts and types of food are consumed for improved fat burning.

This scan can also detect underlying health risks. For example, even if your weight and body fat remains constant, as you get older the distribution of fat alters. In time, fat is more likely to shift to the deep abdominal area. Ensuring you have a healthy level of Visceral Fat directly reduces the risk of certain diseases. This includes heart disease and may even delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.

The main reason for this scan is to provide a true indicator of your current inner health. Then building an exercise plan which is most appropriate to you. By understanding where you currently hold body fat, we can specifically target areas to deliver results quicker.


Injury prevention with Personal Trainer Brighton

Equally, by analysing your Segmental Muscle Mass results, our future training efforts can be directed to correct muscle imbalances. This will be useful if you are a keen runner or cyclist and want to arrive at your next event injury free. As a personal trainer in Brighton and Hove, I am conscious that many entrants to the Brighton Marathon are unable to make it to the start line because of injury. So building a strength programme to correct muscle imbalances from the start of your training block is key.

As a personal trainer in Brighton who regularly enters local and national running events, I can directly relate to the challenges of fitting in a strength and conditioning programme alongside logging training miles.


Concerned about the results?

Please don’t worry about the results of your current body analysis. Because they simply act as a starting point to make improvements against. I will not judge you; to reach your goal we need to fully understand your starting point. Having been a personal trainer in Brighton and Hove for the past 17 years, I have met and overcome a range of challenges and you are not alone.

Remember, if you can measure it, you can manage it! We can then look to improve your body statistics together before retesting again.

My personalised training plans are designed around your goals and targets. I am also a fully insured sports and deep tissue massage therapist. This helps to reduce muscle stiffness, pain and fatigue. This enhances flexibility and range of movement, and can help you prepare for an event, such as the Brighton 10km, or Brighton and Hove Triathlon.


All assessments, discussions and any future work together are in the strictest confidence.

Benefits of personal training in Brighton and Hove

Personal training is more than a series of one-on-one sessions. Personal training with me in Brighton and Hove is a physical, psychological, and emotional experience. You first increase your level of base conditioning before progressing to increase physical and cognitive skills.

By diarising personal training sessions, a healthy exercise routine can quickly be established. Clients often comment that having accountability to a professional personal trainer is a compelling reason to get fit and stay fit.

Please do not worry about your current fitness levels because exercise intensity will be in line with your capabilities. If you are currently suffering from a previous injury, there are still many ways we can work around this. As an experienced personal trainer in Brighton and Hove, I have built a deep understanding of how to structure programmes that account for a multitude of previous injuries and conditions.

If you decide to proceed with the personal trainer of Brighton and Hove, I will devise a bespoke plan which will also include nutritional advice.

I am so confident that you will see and feel the results, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.


Why train with Personal Trainer Brighton, Anthony Bevington?

As part of my feedback, I asked clients why they choose me to be their personal trainer in Brighton and Hove.

The top 5 traits clients noted were:

1. Approachable and friendly personality

2. Non-militant training approach

3. Attention to detail

4. Patient

5. Positive attitude

In addition to the above, female clients noted that having access to a women only gym was something that made them feel more comfortable initially. 

I also have experience training women in Brighton and Hove through pregnancy, both pre-natal and post-natal. I am able to provide references, so please ask because I understand this is a particularly important consideration. It is especially important to hire an experienced and qualified personal trainer in Brighton through pregnancy.     

Early on in my career, I was awarded a prize for delivering the most personal training sessions for a large nationwide chain.


Who do I train?

I personal train both men and women in Brighton and Hove. Most of my clients tend to be over 30 and there is no upper age limit. To deliver results quickly, I am looking for you to be able to train a minimum of 1 session per week for a 12 week period.

I do not offer single ad-hoc sessions beyond the initial consultation. This is because single sessions are rarely to the benefit of you in terms of building a structured programme and routine. This also makes it very difficult to manage my diary with other clients, who prefer to stick to the same day and time most weeks.

Most of my clients have very demanding careers so I am able to be flexible where possible, though trying to train at the same time is also optimal for your results.

If you have consistent goals and are at a similar fitness level, I am able to train 2 people at once. This would be appropriate should you prefer to train with a partner, friend or work colleague. Please note, all of my packages attract a 30% supplement when training 2 clients at once.

It is my job as a Personal Trainer in Brighton and Hove to keep you motivated and focused. Our personal training efforts aim at setting constant challenges and monitoring your progress. Getting you in shape becomes a team effort! We are jointly accountable for your results!


Your personal pacer

Having run the Brighton Marathon and Half-Marathon multiple times, I can bring together the theoretical and practical side of preparing specifically for these events. This further includes how to correctly use a Foam Roller for recovery, and the nutritional side of things, including the use of gels.

I am happy to pace you to your next Personal Best!

Here are my PBs for popular distances:

5K: 19:05, Brighton and Hove Parkrun, Hove Park, 2018

10K: 40:24, BM10K, 2018

Half-Marathon: 1:30, Worthing, 2019

Marathon: 3:36, Brighton, 2019

Races signed-up to for this year: Brighton Marathon on 10th April 2022, Worthing Half-Marathon, 24th April 2022

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