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As an experienced personal trainer in Brighton, I work with people of all ability levels. I know that whatever your background and current level of fitness there is always something you can do to improve your health and vitality. This will reward you many times over as you find that you have more energy and can enjoy life to a much fuller extent.

Whatever your own personal circumstances, as a personal trainer in Brighton and Hove, I know that many people are fearful of what to expect. They are often embarrassed at their present level of fitness, have never visited a gym in their lives and find the idea of entering one intimidating. They have no clue what might be expected of them and what benefits they might reap as a result.


Become healthier, feel more alive

You owe it to yourself to take charge of your own health and fitness, empower yourself, become happier and more self-confident. This is especially true in the present times of uncertainty over the future of state health care.

My job as a highly qualified personal trainer in Brighton and Hove is to work with you to find an effective exercise routine that will give you real benefits as quickly as possible without excessive hardship and punishing routines. What we do should be fun and quickly lead to a sense of achievement for you!

I will not judge or criticise anyone for their current level of fitness; everyone is an individual with his or her own story to tell and deserves my respect. I offer a complimentary introductory consultation where we can discuss any apprehensions you may have. We will then build a plan to overcome them.

As a mobile personal trainer in Brighton and Hove, I am able to train you at home, outdoors or in the gym. I also have access to a women only gym.


Why Personal Trainer Brighton, Anthony Bevington?

There are 4 key reasons why clients choose me to be their personal trainer in Brighton and Hove. Not only am I qualified to UK standards through the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS), I am also qualified to the more stringent US standards through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Holding a 1st Class Honours Degree from the University of Sussex, coupled with 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry sets me apart from other personal trainers in Brighton and Hove.

Above all, I will make you feel comfortable whilst offering you a new way to look and feel better!

Personal Trainer Brighton Hove
Anthony Bevington M.Sc. Dip PT/SMT, NASM CPT
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12 Week Body

Dramatic physical change 
Nutritional advice
3 training sessions per week
36 sessions


per session

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6 Week Fat

Sustainable weight loss
Nutritional advice
2 training sessions per week
12 sessions


per session

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12 Week Muscle

Build muscle mass
Nutritional advice
1 training session per week
12 sessions


per session

Personal Trainer Brighton and Hove