12 progressive sessions, training once per week to provide direction and accountability to your training. We will focus on 2 body parts per session. This could be back and biceps or chest and triceps, for example.

You will learn the most time effective ways to build muscle and feel stronger. This package is also suitable if you are already in regular exercise habits, but need a push to overcome a plateau in your training.

To monitor your progress and keep you on track with your goals, I take body composition scans every 4 weeks and send these statistics to you for your records. Clients comment that they find this highly motivational!


What type of training will I do?

Within our tailored sessions you can expect to complete:

  • Resistance Training -using free weights, dumbells and barbells
  • Core Training –  using medicine balls

I specialise in resistance and body weight training. Resistance training with appropriate weights is key because as your lean muscle tissue increases, the rate at which you burn calories increases which in turn accelerates your metabolic rate.

This helps to reduce excess body fat levels to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. This is a highly efficient way of training because it means you don’t have to perform endless cardiovascular workouts!


What other benefits will I receive?

All of the above packages include ongoing nutritional advice and coaching between sessions. I am always keen to provide support on the phone and via email between our dedicated sessions to ensure you keep on track with your goals.

Sessions are 60 minutes in duration and are valid for 1 year, so can be taken to fit in with your work schedule and holidays. Where possible, I ask clients to arrive to sessions already warmed up so that we can go straight into the more technical aspects of exercise technique and form where I can add the most value to you.


How much is the investment in my health?

This package is £720. This works out to £60 per session.

The minimum time I work with a client is 12 sessions. This is necessary to build a structured plan and develop a routine. This will enable you to achieve rapid and lasting results.

I am so confident that you will see and feel the results that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee and a nutrition plan as a gift should you not experience the benefits within 14 days.


Session arrangements:

  • Nonchain gyms in Brighton and Hove. You don’t have to be a member because I will arrange a flexible guest entry. This is included in your package.
  • In home personal training  – especially relevant for clients who may be uncomfortable initially using a gym or outdoor environment. As a mobile personal trainer in Hove and surrounding areas, I have equipment such as resistance bands, kettlebells and dumbbells that I bring with me. I am prepared to travel throughout the Brighton and Hove areas. Please note, outside central Brighton and Hove there is a 15% supplement to all of my packages because of travel time between training sessions. This includes sessions in Roedean, Ovingdean and Rottingdean.


Session times

Sessions are available on both weekdays and weekends.

Working hours are 6am to 9:30pm on weekdays and 8am to 4pm on Saturdays.

This hopefully provides the flexibility to fit in with your arrangements.

Personal Trainer Brighton and Hove